Active time:  about 12 hours
Average doses:  50-150 mg daily
Dosage length: up to 3 months
Purpose:  blockage of estrogen aromatization, libido improvement
Properties:  androgen, aromatase inhibitor, low toxicity

. Some users are advised to take low dosages while others must go for high dosages to realize the results.  For instance, in the medical world for treatment of insufficient androgenicity in the body, one 25mg Proviron tablet that should be taken a day thrice that means a total of 75 gm daily is the recommended dose. The dosage is then reduced late to 25mg per day to maintain the Proviron levels in the body. In the infertility treatment in men, the same dosage will be sufficient to deliver the expected results. However, you should allow your doctor to set the right dosages for your condition.

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