About Happy Online Shop

We are Happy Online Shop and our main priority and objective is to make our customers 100% happy. We are one of the best dealers in drugs (Cocaine and Ketamine) and pills (such as Adderall, Oxycodone, Xanax) online. We sell hard drugs, prescription pills and others online. We are known for selling Prescription Pills With and Without a Prescription Script. Moreover, we have a highly secured packaging and payment systems that may not disclose the identity of a client. However, if we get hold of any personal information of our clients, because we act discreetly, the information is not shared with a third party unless with the consent of the client concern.

Our Expirience

This journey of selling drugs and prescription pills was started long time ago and we have been doing this successfully through the Dark Market. We sold our stuffs on dark Markets such as Icarus, Dream Market, Dark Market, Igora, Empire Market, Silk Road and many more. I know people can be wondering why we stopped dealing in the dark market. This is because we have got all the necessary connects needed to operate successfully on the clear net without any problem.

Payment Methods

At Happy Online Shop, we have very secured, fast and easy payment methods which makes dealing with us secured, discreet and make purchases very much easy. Some of them Includes; Bitcoin, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Zelle as well as CashApp.

Delivery Methods ad Time

Our deliveries are fast, secured and 100% guaranteed. We offer 3 delivery methods which includes; Standard Delivery (which takes 3 days within USA and Canada), Overnight Delivery (that takes 24 hours within USA and Canada) and International Delivery (which takes 3 to 5 working days worldwide). We also provide 24 hours delivery worldwide using using our connects. For more info, get to us on WhatsApp or Livechat.

Refund Policy

We make sure to do a full refund on every package that for one reason or the other does not get to the client and a half refund for any product that does not reach the customer’s expectation.